midnight toker

Anonymous said: Ok, I love your blog you seem cool as fuck. But I have a question regarding an earlier ask you answered. You said you can't get high after second hand smoke or breathing in someone else's smoke. I know that a certain percentage of THC is absorbed by your lungs (95%ish) in like 5 seconds, but if you blow that breath out before then in a closed atmosphere, (say a closed up car) it would create a hot box, thus getting you high without really smoking.


There have been many studies done on this, one in particular the situation you speak of:

"The study volunteers had never smoked marijuana before, but they all piled into a small car for 30 minutes, joints in-hand. Some smoked while the rest were instructed to breathe normally.
Under those artificial conditions, the researchers found that only certain participants had levels of active agents like THC high enough to generate mental and physiological changes. But none of the participants actually felt high — a finding that appeared in a similar study in which experienced users were told smoke normally. In fact, the hot-box experiment sounds like a drag for all involved. No subject experienced any feeling of euphoria, the researchers noted. And the discomfort caused by the heavy Cannabis smoke during the exposure period was universal. The ‘contact high’ is purely a psychological phenomenon. The lungs are extremely good at trapping the THC in marijuana, and little residual THC is present in the exhaled air. In other words, people “may experience runny noses or itchy eyes from the smoke” when others smoke marijuana, but they aren’t likely to be hit with enough THC to feel high.”

Anonymous said: What's shot guning?


Blowing your inhaled smoke directly into someone else’s mouth. Sexyyyyy